Natural Building, Permaculture and Self reliance in Mozambique and elsewhere…

Adobe Bricks

This is the one of the core elements of our project: making our house with earthen bricks, with our own local earth!

This is a first step – mixing the earth with water which has been settled on this clay overnight, voilà. 

The next step is to mix the earth with proportions of sand and straw (we are still experimenting to know what quantities we need!) – more to come here.

Procedure for making Adobe bricks

A house of Adobe bricks needs some… bricks! We have been working hard here on the land to use our precious resources of earth, straw and local sand. Here’s the recipe:

1 part earth, 1-1.5 part sand, 0.5 part fibre

And the procedure 🙂

1. put water the night before on the earth that will be used for the mix

2. mix the quantities of earth, sand, straw (or rice husks) with water to make a cake-like substance

3. put the mix inside the brick mould and start again steps 1-3!

here’s the visual of our staggering 800 bricks


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