Natural Building, Permaculture and Self reliance in Mozambique and elsewhere…

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Permaculture is a direction not a destination

Permaculture is a design system for long term sustainability of human habitats. It endeavours to harmoniously integrate all components of the ecosystem in a holistic approach to sustainable living and practice.

The outcomes of a good design should include:

  • sustainable land use strategies without wastes and pollution
  • established systems for healthy food production and maybe surplus
  • restoration of degraded landscapes resulting in conservation of endemic species-especially rare and endangered species
  • integration and harmony of all living things on the property
  • minimal consumption of energy

Permaculture encompasses finances, water harvesting, communities, buildings, alternative and appropriate technology. It unites many disciplines such that subjects of aquaculture, ethical investment, horticulture, solar technology, soils, and many others can be integrated together contributing as part of the whole.

In this way, Permaculture is much more than creating edible gardens, it can be thought of along the lines of permanent culture incorporating all aspects of human beings and human settlements.

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A few months away and little supervision was enough for the termites to gain terrain. A strong rock hard block of soil was broken down into pieces. The floor must have some cracks that allow them to come up to the interior of the bedroom.


And they go up the walls each day.


Floor isolation is a priority.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions!